The Caepe School is expanding on all fronts

Teachers and staff at The Caepe School in Anthem.

In its third full year of operation, The Caepe School of Anthem has expanded its campus, enrollment, teaching staff and commitments to technology and student fitness.

The private, nonprofit, college-preparatory school opened in 2008 with 4,000 square feet of space and 54 students in grades K-8. Today the campus encompasses more than 9,000 square feet (including a fully operational café dubbed “The Caepe Café”) and serves 85 students in grades K-9. Tenth-grade enrollment will begin in Spring 2011 for a Fall 2011 start date and grades 11-12 will be added each subsequent school year.

Technology continues to be an important focus. In its first year, The Caepe School had one “Smart Board” (a web-capable “white board”); now there are two Smart Boards as well as a Mobil Tech Lab for students in seventh through ninth grades. “The real-world technical applications continue to evolve and the school stays current in teaching these applications so that our students are up to date with as many resources available to them to prepare them for college and beyond,” says Tamara Lee, head of school.

New community relationships have allowed for new health and fitness programs, including participation in an athletic league and freshman club sports.

The school also has hired several new teachers. “We are pleased that our campus is growing, but we’re even more pleased with the quality of our faculty members,” says Lee. “With these new teachers, our students have been able to witness phenomenal opportunities in different subject areas such as western civilization and biology, which were always a part of the planned growth for The Caepe School.” Learn more at


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