Healthy career outlook

photo: Fritz Henle, Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information, 1942

Thinking of a career change or better yet, want to suggest a career to your aimless high school student or high school senior suffering from acute senior-itis?

The photo above was taken in 1942 depicting a nursing student assisting during an appendectomy. They needed for nurses for the war effort was great so they had students doing as much work in the hospitals as possible to send graduate nurses to the armed forces.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Registered Nurses (RNs)  currently have an excellent job outlook. The number of RN jobs is expected to increase 26 percent between 2010 and 2020. A lot faster than the projected 14 percent for all occupations.

With the 2010 median pay of $64,690 for RNs, nursing seems like a good bet as the demographic behemoth known as the Baby Boomers age and need more care.

Eight of the Maricopa Community Colleges offer nursing degrees as well as private schools and for-profit schools. Here’s an interesting tidbit, all 30 of the nursing students at Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) passed the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses the first time they took it. And it’s the third year in a row they’ve done so.


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