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School Choice Week town hall

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Foundation-Arizona with Arizona School Choice Trust will host a town hall, Restoring American Exceptionalism – Arizona Townhall, January 22 at Radisson Phoenix-Chandler from 6-8 p.m. as part of National School Choice Week. The purpose of the townhall is to promote school choice as an avenue to improve the performance of American students. According to the event website they want to support successful schools and hold failing schools accountable.

“It’s time to put children and parents first in the education policy debate, not the bureaucrats and not the unions,” Tom Jenney, director of AFP Foundation-Arizona, said in a press release. “Governments in Arizona spend over $9,000 a year on the average child in the public district schools, and yet 71 percent of eighth graders are not proficient in math and 73 percent are no proficient in reading.”

There will be a simulcast event with Fox News contributor Juan Williams and Hugh Hewitt that will also be aired live on the internet at www.PutKidsFirst.com. Tom Jenney, Education Policy Director Jonathan Butcher and Arizona School Choice Trust Executive Director Liz Moser Dreckman will hold a Q&A session on education policy reform.

This is one of almost 50 events taking place nationwide between January 22 and 28. Free tickets are available.