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New Vistas students receive awards in Creative Expressions Contest

Four young students from New Vistas Center for Education private school received first, second and third place awards in the City of Chandler’s Creative Expressions Contest and Centennial Poster competition. The winners were announced Friday, Jan. 20, by Community Resources and Diversity Manager Leah Powell.

Alessandra Isaacson sings a song dedicated to Chandler residents, of all heritages, who miss their homeland.

This year, 1,100 children submitted entries in performance, writing and visual arts categories. First place in performance for kindergarten through fourth grade was New Vistas first grader Alessandra Isaacson. She introduced her a capella song in both Spanish and English and dedicated it to those who miss their homeland.

“The song is about missing your home and having no one around who knows you,” Isaacson said in a press release from the school. “I like to sing in front of people. It makes me happy.”

In the writing category, Sasha Guntu won first place with an essay about coming to America.

Sisters Melinda and Madeleine Chang.

In visual arts, Madeleine Chang (5) came in third with a painting of a Chandler farm and her sister Melinda Chang (10) came in second for her depiction of downtown Chandler’s Farmer’s Market.

“There are 29 different people in my picture and they are all doing something different,” Melinda said in the press release.

Melinda also won first place out of 1,500 entries in the Centennial Poster Contest.

All first place winners were congratulated and awarded cash prizes at a Jan. 23 Chandler City Council Meeting. — Amy Vogelsang

Melinda's drawing of the downtown Chandler's Farmer's Market.

Melinda's first place winning entry of the Centennial Poster Contest.


Gamers, write your own

Kids play a lot of video games, logging hours and days getting to “the next level.” Challenge your gamers to design their own games and win prizes. Designing and creating a game is far more complex than playing one.

Playing games involves strategy, tactics, skills, spatial reasoning and ability to predict future events. Even the kids you see below, playing marbles in 1919, had to decide which marble to shoot and their likely chances of success. As simple as marbles was, it took its own skills and mental processes.

Ohio children in 1919 playing marbles. photo: Library of Congress

Designing video games takes creative reasoning skills to create the layers and branches of a game. The game has to be plotted out, designed and tested to keep the player entranced and entertained.

The 2012 National STEM Video Game Challenge is designed to create interest in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. If nothing else, there are jobs to be had and money to be made in the game industry.

There are categories for middle school, high school and college students, with prizes in each category. Educators have their own category. Each age category includes a challenge from PBS Kids and the Corporation for Public broadcasting to create games for younger kids.

There are five gaming platforms entrants can use or they can submit ideas in written form. But get your gamer kid to learn a platform and enter the contest. What better way to get them to put down that ding-dang game console and do something constructive?

Grand Canyon State Games Art Contest welcomes creativity from all ages

Contest deadline is Oct. 31.

The 2011 Grand Canyon State Games Art Contest is back for its 13th year, inviting students, parents and grandparents to explore their imaginations on a variety of themes that explore personal development.

Sponsored by Arizona Office Technologies, the contest was created to promote creativity through art as an effective method for artists across the nation to express their dreams and ideas for a successful life and a better community. Artists are encouraged to draw, paint, decoupage or be artistically innovative in depicting their themes.

Informational brochures have been sent to 2,626 public, private, and charter schools in Arizona and 47 other State Games organizations throughout the country.

Only limit is your imagination.

Themes range from the impact of communication technology to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the importance of being tobacco- and alcohol-free and being active in the fight against obesity.

Participating in the contest is free and entries are being accepted through Monday, Oct. 31.

Entries will be judged on the basis of originality, theme, interpretation and use of media. First- , second- and third-place medals will be awarded in each category and winners will be recognized throughout the year at Grand Canyon State Games events.

There are 13 categories for grades K-12, a category for ages 19-24 and one for adults 25 and older.

The Grand Canyon State Games is a multi-sport Olympic Festival for Arizona amateur athletes of all ages and abilities. The event is organized by the Arizona Sports Council and is affiliated with 47 other state games throughout the United States. It is sanctioned by the U.S. Olympic Committee through the National Congress of State Games. The Games seeks to provide Arizonans with an avenue for personal development through sports. In 2010, more than 30,000 Arizonans participated.

More information:  480-517-9700 or gcsg.org.