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Friday FUN photos from school: A lesson in keeping promises

First the cute little baby pig...

Finley Farms Elementary Principal John Maas is a man of his word. He challenged his students to sell more than 650 Entertainment Books at $30 each during a recent fundraiser for the school’s parent-teacher organization (PTO). He promised that if they reached their goal, he would kiss a pig.

The students topped out at 730 coupon books, raising more than $10,000, which will be used for technology at the 950-student school.

Maas kissed two pigs at each of three assemblies, proving to his students that promises made, are promises kept.

Finley Farms, part of the Gilbert Public Schools district, is located at 375 S. Columbus Dr. in Gilbert.

...then the real porker!

From the looks on their faces, it seems the students may not have believed that Maas would actually do it. All photos courtesy of Gilbert Public Schools.

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