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Russian pianist plays Scottsdale

Story and photos by Daniel Friedman

Sixth grade students in Nancy Carvone’s music history/piano class at BASIS Scottsdale were treated to a private concert by Russian-born pianist Katya Grineva, who is in town for a concert at the MIM on Saturday at 7pm.

Grineva played Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Chopin and De Falla on a brand new upright Steinway that still had the tags on it. The students listened intently as Grineva played, then asked how long she practiced. Grineva said she practiced eight hours a day when she was a teenager, but now “just” three to five hours each day, depending on how much she was traveling.

Katya Grineva signs autographs at the end of class.

They wanted to know how she played so fast. The answer was the same as the classic “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” where New York-based Grineva has played many times: practice.

Grineva told students how she started playing piano when she was 5 and decided when she was 13 to make it her life. Her family didn’t have much money but when they managed to get a piano her mother said if Katya didn’t practice she would gladly sell it.

Grineva and new fans.

On the way out of class, students asked Grineva to autograph their sheet music, and only as the students were waiting to be dismissed did they ask to have their picture taken with her.

Some students asked their friends to take their picture with Grineva.


School tours at the MIM

The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix recently launched “A World of Musical Journeys,” a school tour program for grades 4-12 that combines arts education, social studies and science.

The MIM offers three school tour options. Each runs two hours and can be scheduled for Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays at 9:30am or noon.

Compass Guided Tour. A curriculum-based, docent-led tour of 14 different exhibits, highlighting countries and musical cultures. Includes directed, hands-on activities in the MIM’s education classroom. Best for grades 4-12.

Discovery Semi-Guided Tour. A teacher- and chaperone-led tour of student-selected exhibits coupled with docent-led talks and group discussions. Includes directed, hands-on activities in the MIM’s education classroom. Best for grades 4-12.

Trailblazer Self-Guided Tour. A teacher- and chaperone-led expedition-oriented tour through the museum, which includes the opportunity to examine and play various instruments in the MIM’s Experience Gallery. Best for middle school and high school students.

Each tour includes time in all of the MIM’s geographic galleries. Tours must be scheduled at least five weeks in advance and include at least 120 students. Cost is $8/student ($10/student for artist residency programs).

The MIM, which opened April 24, currently exhibits 3,000 instruments and artifacts from its collection of more than 10,000 objects gathered from approximately 200 countries and territories around the globe.

MIM school tours and curriculum materials align with Arizona academic standards.

To learn more, visit the themim.org and click on the “group tours” icon or contact the MIM education manager at education@themim.org.